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A Finance transformation project specialist, Agile enthusiast, Full stack coder and lifelong learner!

Finance Transformation, Finance, Performance Improvement

Finance Transformation

A proven track record of delivering results as a Senior Finance Manager across multiple industries.

project management, planning

Project Management

Successfully led complex Finance programmes and projects for two Global household brands.

podcast, Business Breaks - all things business

Podcast Host

Providing insights in Finance, Transformation, Leadership, Digital, Careers and Entrepreneurship.

Transformation Projects and Achievements Portfolio

Career highlights

agile finance transformation
Transforming Finance
Leading complex change
legacy system replacement, obsolete, project maangement
Legacy Systems
Eliminating obsolescence risk
brexit strategy, finance, legal entities
Brexit Strategy
Securing 61% of EU income
agile mindset, agility
Business Partnering
Supply chain resilience
communication skills, business, communication
Delivering Training
Learning builds capability
productivity, time management, success, efficient, effective
Talent Management
Building inclusive teams


A brief career snapshot

  • ...


    Switched from SME's to a Global Fortune 500 Organisation

    Joined Ford Motor Company where I served in Internal Audit, Financial Reporting, Internal Control, Treasury & Payroll Accounting.

  • Finance Transformation


    Moved from Operational Finance to Transformation projects

    Led the successful finance transformation programme of European Accounting for Ford Credit. Involved people, process and systems leading a cross-functional team of Finance, IT and Business experts to outsource work and deploy common Finance platforms to realise tangible benefits.

  • Finance Technology, Agile delivery

    2018 - 2021

    During which I transitioned from Waterfall to Agile project delivery

    Actively evangelised agile transformation as a means to manage the uncertainty of change within a global organisation. Multiple factors both externally and internally meant that plans were continuously evolving and my transformation team needed to be more adaptive in order to continue to deliver.

  • Agile Orca Ltd

    October 2020 - present

    Launched Agile Orca

    Currently leading key IT initiatives to enhance the Analytics capability of Mars Global Finance team as a project consultant.
    I'm also developing new training products and courses based on my education plus real-world experience in the trenches!

  • Business Breaks - All things business podcast

    July 2022 - present

    Launched Business Breaks Podcast

    Soft-launched a new podcast channel with my close friend and co-host John Byrne, full launch planned for January 2023.

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Dante Healy agile finance transformation agility training trainer

Finance transformation project specialist,
Agile enthusiast, Full Stack Coder
and lifelong learner

"As a Finance Project Manager, I help executives achieve successful change through strategic oversight and robust analysis to realise tangible value in their digital transformation."

Skills profile:

Finance and Accounting skills

Finance and Accounting skills

View my Github projects: This website was build with my own code.

Finance and Accounting skills

Finance and Accounting skills

Finance and Accounting skills